Site B

Demo of Storage Partitioning.

If you did not come from to Site A then go there first:


This site includes an embeds which attempts to read storage set by various APIs on Site A (you must visit that site first to set the storage).

As Storage Partitioning is now on by default in Chrome 115, you should should see Green ticks for all tests.

For now, you can turn off storage partitioning in Chrome by:

  • Setting this flag to Disabled:
  • This should fail the tests as the storage should then be able to be read the stored values.
  • Note, you may get the "eye" icon in the address bar if your browser is in the Cookie Deprecation trial and you may need to use that to temporarily allow storage access to override this to show it allowing this.

You can also test other browsers in the same way to see their partitioning status.